Anusha Durga
Since India stands number one in the list of world’s biggest
gold consumer, Gem and jewellery industry is one of the fastest growing
industries of the Indian economy. This industry hence provides numerous career
opportunities in various fields to those who want to be a part of this industry.
The following are the career options:

Those with an
eye for perfection and detailing, patience, having ability to concentrate and
good sense for design can opt for this field. Jewellery designers have the
choice of working with the export units or jewellery showrooms. Designing
jewellery for men and celebrities is also a good option for those who are
talented, highly skilled and vibrant. Also designers can work on freelance basis
by selling their designs to various firms.

All those
who are interested in Gemology can begin their career with gem identification,
gem cutting, sorting, grading and evaluation.
Since 9 out of every 10n
diamonds sold worldwide are cut and polished in India, diamond industry too provides a great

With the entry of big corporates like
TATA and Reliance in the jewellery sector, more and more consumers are growing brand
conscious. Retaining old customers and attracting new customers by the way of
providing personalized products and services is where industry growing conscious
about. Marketing may also include the packaging

After acquiring some experience in this
field the research scholar's option can be taken up as a career. Various
jewellery houses, export units and the institutions offering jewellery designing
/making and gemology courses do invest in research in this field.
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