Anusha Durga
After completing the Graduation in Technology – B.Tech, the common question on the lips of most of the students is - whether to do M.Tech or MBA. What really depends is, in which field one wants to go and where one wants to see his/her career. If you want to grow with the technical knowledge, you should go for Masters Degree in Technology or M.Tech and if you want to see yourself in the management side, then you should opt MBA- Masters of Business administration. Some of the graduate students after their B-tech plan to go for the jobs and some wants  to continue with their education where they need to decide MBA or M-Tech. And answer of this question, whether to go for  M.Tech or MBA is really depends on few factors
  • What institute they are pursuing and from where they want to go for their M.Tech or Higher Education.
  • What exactly they feel and know about the Job prospects after their Masters in Business Administration.
  • What are your future plans and what you want to become or do in long term?
  • How and where your selected education would help you to achieve your pre-defined targets.
These are really some factors on what you should start thinking from your final year of graduation – B.Tech. And after deciding on this you should be  confident of your decision and the future for  what you are opting the respective  course. What really helps you work hard for the same and you will surely grow happy with that. If one is more interested in engineering side and want to work with the same trade line he is working from last 4 year and want to make his career with engineering projects in the same trade, then without any confusion or question he/she should go for M.Tech or Masters of Technology in the respective field which will really help one to get better designation/post or rank in the same industry in which he/she devoted his 6 or 7 years and he will be the Master of his/her work. If or else one is more interested in working in the management aspect or has his or her interest to manage some of the companies rather than doing the engineering projects, than the student should go for the MBA degree which helps the students and get them  enable them to work at the management front where they can manage the resources and projects for the benefits of their business.
So the next thing is how you can get admission in M-Tech or MBA, For M-Tech you need to clear the GATE exam and to get admission in MBA is only through cracking the CAT.Where approximately more than  400,000 students who take these respective exams – CAT or GATE according to their interest, and only the top 1 or 2 % students  are able to clear the cutoff in all sections and are selected to take part in next level of Group discussions at each IIMs and IIT’s.. And after that  the number of  students who passed in GD is led to the interview  And from these only about 1000-2000 students are selected to the IIMs and the same  number for IIT which are top most colleges available in India. And Bachers from IIT and Masters from IIM is a dream for every student who want to come in this line.
What the truth we feel about these both Masters Degree – Master in Technical Education and Masters in Business Administration is, If you want to earn money and want to live fast – you should opt Masters in Business Administration and if you want to earn respect and live peacefully you should go for M.Tech or Masters in Technical Education.

Hunting a Job:
If one feel that is been to heavy to study for four years and want to start making money, then start early hunt for job. Make a profile in all job sites and social job networking sites like linkedin. Give it a big try and attend all walk-ins and apply all the places where you find suitable. Be prepared to travel a lot in the search from Bangalore to Pune, Pune to Dehi, Delhi to noida anywhere. Don’t miss any advertisement for fresher and don’t give up. Refer to Engineering future, scope and prospects for core companies offering jobs in special domain. 
M.Tech or MS:
If you think you need to improve or need a higher degree to feel secure or gain higher positions at right time, you should look at all possible ways to crack GATE and think about M.Tech. If you are interested in having a foreign exposure and think your family can help and support you, then start preparing for GRE, TOFEL and start looking for universities that are suitable for that.
MBA Lets change the domain:
We study Engineering for four years and at the end we are almost clear about our decision of joining some engineering stream and our career in that. By the end we know whether we can stay in the same domain, stream, or field of engineering and improve or it is kind of wasting our time if we remain in the same engineering field and you decide to change your area of study. MBA is a very good alternative, but make sure you are going to a right place for MBA. To know more about it refer to M.Tech or MBA which is better to choose.
If you think you have patience and motivation for studying for several years ahead and work for a cool and successful career you should consider doing PhD after B.Tech, many IITs take admissions to PhD even right after B.Tech. This may take on the average 4 to 6 years to complete but will definitely make you a strong player in real life and make you confident.
What if I don’t get any of these?
This is really an important question to be answered. I feel the alternatives are join some value added courses and in some good institutes like CDAC and others that offer great value and job opportunities, as these require a good amount of money I never tried it. Rather I prefer to join a teaching job for several months use college library to maxim level prepare for interviews or GATE or GRE and get ready to jump to above fields I mentioned above. But I will sincerely be working towards my students too.
The exceptions can be to Start a company, be an entrepreneur and explore your world. If you have some hobby can make it a profession and make earning from that, for example paining, writing, singing, music and photography and many other hobbies. But be careful about these options they involve more risk and more gains.
Wish everyone a great luck and ask you chase your dream with confidence. If don’t feel confident please go ahead and do something that makes confident.
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